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1. Off to California
2. St. Anne's Reel/Kitchen Girl/Over the Waterfall
4.Princess Royal
5.Boys of BlueHill/Harvest Home
6. Gravel Walks
7.Jenny's Waltz
8. Cliff's of Moher
9. False Knight
10. Planxty George Brabazon
11.Capt. O'Kane/Morrison's Jig

12. Soldiers Joy/Staten Island Hornpipe
13. Cold Frosty Morning
14. Jug of Punch
15. O'Carolan's Draught
16. Lord Inchiquin
17. Beggarman/Cup of Tea
18. Paddy Fahy's Jig/Rakes of Kildare
19. Whiskey 'fore Breakfast
20. Wren's Polka/Cul Aodh Polka
21. Tom Bhetty's Waltz/Star of the County Down
22. Simple Gifts